SUMMARY:  The board of the Irish Chamber of Commerce, Singapore is currently recruiting for the role of Executive Director. The Executive Director is responsible for all the functions of the organization including: event management, strategic partnerships, member relations and administration.

RESPONSIBILITIES:  The Executive Director is accountable to the Board and President for the following tasks:

Overall Chamber Management:

  • Build a strong offering to existing members and for growing membership 
  • Interface credibly with the most senior levels of membership, strategic partners and the business community
  • Plan, organize and execute chamber events and promotions
  • Manage website including any development, updates, member accounts, and social media channels
  • Development of organizational and administrative policies and processes to facilitate the sustainable, smooth operation of the Chamber.
  • Co-ordinates meetings of the Board
  • Financial management of the Chamber as an operationally profitable organisation, including the implementation of the annual budget 
  • Play a major part in the acquisition/ recruitment of new members and maintenance, and renewal of existing members.

Membership Management:

  • Build a strong offering to existing members and for growing membership to the level agreed with the Board.
  • Maintain database, interact with members and lead on the acquisition of new members and renewal of existing members

Event Management:

  • Organise and maintain an annual events calendar
  • Instigate new events in line with objectives of the Irish Chamber
  • Execute all events including ticket sales, logistics promotion and marketing – both online and offline
  • Presence at all events
  • Secure event sponsors and manage relationship 
  • Work in partnership with board members who are involved with various events
  • Manage event budgets with set targets and expectations


  • Interact with Chamber partners including state bodies, Embassy of Ireland, Irish community organisations, the business community, sponsors and members of the Board of Directors
  • Organise and manage required administrative tasks related to the Chamber (auditor, bank, Registrar of Societies) 
  • Engagement and management on a flexible basis of an intern.
  • Manage membership of EuroCham.



  • Reliable and organized person who can work independently on multiple projects 
  • Experience in events management including leading on major and minor events and taking responsibility for the overall shape and direction of an events calendar 
  • Requirement to work early mornings / late evenings depending on schedule of events 
  • Track record of achieving goals, targets and working to budgets
  • Proven experience of communicating, and developing effective relationships at senior level, with international business community
  • Absolute reliability in controlling financial affairs of the Chamber
  • Experience in website management, email direct marketing and using social media channels 


  • Strong networking skills 
  • Understanding and appreciation of Irish business in an international context.
  • Demonstrated ability to involve, accommodate and manage a wide variety of stakeholders
  • Experience in a commercial environment, with a strong nous for sales and marketing and business development
  • Experience in presentations and public speaking.


  • The role is remunerated with a fixed salary based on the experience of the candidate. The benefit package does not include health insurance or other allowances.
  • The role allows some flexibility in the working week given the need to work evenings and early mornings on many event days.  
  • Annual leave is 20 days for the first 12 months. 
  • The Chamber is also open to hiring job-sharers for the Executive Director role. Candidates are invited to submit their CVs as a pair or an individual seeking to job-share.

Please send your CV to by Thursday the 12th of July, 2018.