SURVEY CLOSING – Which, Where and Why – Decision Making in University Choices

For many years Ireland has been associated with quality education in Asia. Irish teachers are highly respected in secondary schools throughout Asia and Irish universities have trained many doctors and physiotherapists in Malaysia and Singapore.

In recent decades Irish professionals have come to Asia in greater numbers and many have settled and raised families here. What do these ‘Irish diaspora’ families know of Irish universities and would they consider sending their children back to Ireland for third level education?

The Irish Chamber of Commerce Singapore is partnering with Trinity College, Dublin to research what factors families based in Asia with Irish connections consider when making decisions around where their children will attend university. The output of this study will be used to inform policy recommendations and will be shared with the Irish government and Irish universities. It will also form the basis of a Guide to entering University in Ireland which will be published by the Chamber in early 2017.

We invite all Irish parents living in Asia with children in school or in university to complete this survey. It will take approximately 15-20 minutes of your time, a small fraction of the time you will spend researching university education options for your child.

Which, Where and Why – Decision Making in University Choices


The survey team seeks the highest possible response rate from parents to ensure the survey data is valuable and the policy recommendations are focused. We target a minimum of 400 complete responses which is very challenging given the approximate 10% response rate of online surveys.

You may remain anonymous in the survey and we will protect your privacy however we request your email address so we can share the findings and allow the research team to seek feedback on draft policy recommendations. To help us achieve our survey goal as quickly as possible, we request every Irish parent, upon completion of the survey, to forward this survey link to other Irish parents or to nominate others to be surveyed.

On behalf of the Irish Chamber of Commerce Singapore we thank the following ad-hoc Survey Advisory Committee:

Aideen O’Byrne, Singapore
Alan Stone, Singapore
Brian O’Maoileoin, Singapore
Darren McDermott, Hong Kong
Dorota Piaskowska, Singapore

We also gratefully acknowledge the support of a number of private individuals who have co-funded this survey with the Chamber and the Irish Chamber of Hong Kong who have also assisted financially.

Conor McCoole
President, Irish Chamber of Commerce

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